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Begin first entry on the new web page. Well I finally moved. It's going to be a pain switching everything over from the old site. Not much has been going on lately.
School is hard as ever, and I have been missing too many classes (oops).

I spent most of this weekend surfing the web and taking some new pictures.

I decided to have some photos taken with the American flag, showing my patriotism. What do you think of them? Well my girlfriend and I are having some big problems and I don't know if its going to work out....


Well just chilling out at the room, I watched some TV, and went shopping today, yippee!! I didnt buy too much, a new pair of hosiery, some hair clips, and bought lunch at Hardee's : ) (I feel bad with those with slow metabolism, hehehehe) Speaking of which, I am hungry already....
Everybody always tell me to eat, i am not THAT skinny, actually i want to lose about 20 lbs, that would be ideal. But Here I am in my room bored as heck, sitting on my @$$, i need SOMETHING TO DO Dang it! Well enough rambling.


Well not much has been going on here. I just got finished with my morning classes and decided to write a little bit.
School is going well, and i am eagerly anticipating summer to begin (Wisconsin is too cold!! erg!) My hammstring is slowly on the healing process (i tore it playing basketball) and i am still sort of limping on it. Hopefully i will get better : )
I am in the middle of watching American Pie 2 on DVD. Very, very funny....Steve Stifler cracks me up....."Gooooodbye Great Falls, kiss my *ss
and lick my balls!" I am still laughing....

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